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I was inspired to organize a fundraiser with peace passers because my brothers and I love the game of soccer and want to share that love with kids who can't afford to play. Soccer is important to me because it has taught me many life lessons over the years that I have played. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is to be a good sport, win or lose. In life it is important to not be a poor sport when something doesn’t go the way that I want it to. That goes along with having a positive attitude and learning to take things as they come. Through all the hard practices that I have been through and playing against the toughest teams around I have learned that hard work pays off. It is a good feeling working hard at practice to face a tough team and then coming out with a victory. At the same time I have learned to have a positive attitude even if the game doesn’t go my way and we end up losing the game that we worked so hard preparing for. I have learned how important teamwork is and to trust the people around me. I won’t be able to do everything in life without the help of other people and soccer has helped teach me that lesson. I hope by providing soccer gear to other kids they can learn some life lessons and most importantly have fun! I hope to collect 20 pairs of cleats, 20 pairs of shin guards, 20 pairs of soccer socks and 20 soccer balls. I hope to start the collection at my school and then maybe at soccer tournaments. Please consider donating whatever you can to help spread the love of soccer!


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